Mont is a small Australian studio bringing pattern to residential and commercial interiors.

Based in Melbourne (Naarm), Mont Studio was launched in 2020 by Jarnah Montersino. After travelling widely throughout her first career in international development and human rights, Jarnah inadvertently found herself collecting a number of fabrics from around the world. Now, after changing careers and working professionally with textiles, Montersino explains that this work is like ‘being part of a diverse and long history of making that demonstrates our shared humanity and the innate need to express and connect’.

Created through original artwork by Jarnah, Mont Studio offers a range of fabrics, wallpapers and objects that explore abstraction, organic forms and colour.  These works strive to consider the space between art and interiors. 

Mont Studio is proud to print in Australia and strives to produce work that has minimal impact on the environment by creating quality products that are made to order and made to last.



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